Sep 24 - 27 2015   Ossabaw Island Photography

Enjoy a special opportunity to visit and make photographs on one of Georgia’s premier barrier islands — Ossabaw.

Photographers will have the opportunity to make images in several natural settings, including rich maritime forest, tidal channels at sunset, salt marsh flats, and of course pristine beaches.

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Ossabaw Island Photography Workshop
with Kathryn Kolb – max 9 participants


Enjoy a special opportunity to visit and make photographs on one of Georgia’s premier barrier islands — Ossabaw.


You can opt for either a 3 night or 2 night stay – arriving in the afternoon of Thurs Sept 24 or Sept 25, and leaving midday Sun Sept 27.  Trip fee includes transportation to the island from Savannah, on-island meals, island transportation and photography program. (3 nights $625., 2 nights $535.)


Mrs. Sandy West, whose parents bought the island in the 1920’s, had a vision for creating this natural island preserve as a haven for nature education and the arts.


As both fine art photographer and naturalist, Kathryn Kolb leads a landscape and nature-oriented photography workshop.


Kathryn will focus on the distinction between narrative images and the search for pure design, and help each photographer better refine his or her own vision with one-on-one instruction in the field in a variety of landscape settings.



Holding Shell working@Kathryn Kolb



Kathryn is known for her meticulously composed, often abstract images of landscape details. She will begin the workshop with a PowerPoint presentation on Dynamic Symmetry–the relationship between artistic design and the geometry of natural forms, including the designs found in the plants, trees and even sea shells.


Photographers will have the opportunity to photograph maritime forest, tidal channels, salt marsh flats, and of course pristine beaches. We’ll work on “photographer” time, planning meals to allow field time for optimum light for photography including for sunrise and sunset hours.


And we’ll do more than make beautiful images–we’ll learn about this special landscape and the amazing creatures who live here, from migratory songbirds, such as rare painted buntings, to predatory moon snails, whose eating habits perhaps inspired the first jewelry, and of course, the ever-present but generally peaceful “gators.”


Photographers at all levels are welcome, and much time will be devoted to individual attention to each photographer’s needs, from learning to use all-manual settings, to becoming more aware of how to choose compositional forms to better shape the readability of the final image.


This is also a special opportunity for film photographers. Kathryn has an extensive background in film photography and printing from negatives, and there is a fully functional B&W darkroom available on the island for student use.


for questions about Ossabaw Island workshop – call 404-862-0118

Ossabaw Island 2015
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