May 25 2013   Kathryn Kolb at Haen Gallery

Two Views of Nature:  new works by painter Stephen Pentak and photographer Kathryn Kolb, on view at Haen gallery thru May 25, 2013

View new works by photographer Kathryn Kolb

and painter Stephen Pentak at Haen Gallery,

52 Biltmore Ave in Asheville, NC.


For more information contact Haen Gallery  828-254-8577


Below, five works included by Kathryn Kolb, 2012-2013:



Pigeon Mtn 2013©Kathryn Kolb


Palm Fronds wSpanish Moss for sm ©Kathryn Kolb



Lake Light©Kathryn Kolb



Elm in Front Yard_DSC2277 copy










Kolb-Pentak Haen Gallery
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