Apr 17 - May 16 2014   Dynamic Symmetry

Opening and Artist talk, April 17, 6-9pm


Trees Atlanta hosts “Dynamic Symmetry,” an exhibition of fine art photographs of Trees & Forested Landscapes by Kathryn Kolb. Artist’s talk and naturalist walks are also included in show events.


Kathryn Kolb,

Trees Atlanta & EcoAddendum host


Dynamic Symmetry,” an exhibition of fine art photographs of Trees & Forested Landscapes by Kathryn Kolb.


Artist Talk – April 17

Art of Nature Walks – May 10, 11, 31


Kathryn’s distinctive photographs of flora, landscapes and landscape details are based on several layers of design, from the natural forms of  trees and plants to the camera formats she uses. Her result is an organic, aesthetic blend of forms that also conveys a transcendent essence of the energies of life in the natural world. Though her images often seem akin to paintings, her images are composed straightforwardly in the field and she uses no manipulative post-processing techniques.


Embarking on a study of how composition “works” in photographs, Kathryn has come to understand that her work, as well as the work of many artists, is based on the principles of “dynamic symmetry,” which reveals that the forms of nature and the designs of aesthetic art are based in the same geometrical patterns. Further, these same geometries underlie the fundamental forces of the universe and shape the existence of life.

 Artist Talk

In conjunction with show opening on Thursday eve, April 17, Kathryn will give a 45-min presentation about her photographs, including how the geometry of aesthetic design, especially in photography, intersects with the design of trees, plants and natural landscapes–the beautiful and fascinating point where art, math and science become one and the same.


 Art of Nature Walks

Kathryn is Master Naturalist as well as photographer, and as part of show events, she will lead three art-oriented walks with a special focus on the art within the landscape in Atlanta Parks and Greenspace:

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Saturday May 10th   –  9 -11:30am
Hampton Beecher Nature Preserve Sunday May 11th  1:30-4:00pm  (wheelchair accessible)
Morningside Nature Preserve Saturday May 31st   9 -11:30am

For more information about Naturalist walks with Kathryn Kolb and Jessica Muhammad see Walk About Down Yonder.


 “Dynamic Symmetry”

is made possible in part by the City of Atlanta

Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs

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