Feb 22 2014   Composition: An Un-Ordinary Class for Photographers and other Artists

One day of in-depth study of composition & structure on Feb 22, with a short 2-hour follow-up critique of participants’ new work on March 8.


Kathryn shares her original per­spec­tives on how the eye and mind respond to elements of  form and how pro­foundly struc­ture impacts the “read” of images in ways we may not consciously recognize.


Note: 25% discount for previous participants in Kathryn Kolb’s workshops.

Order Composition: Un-Ordinary Class Composition: Un-Ordinary for Photographers Feb 22, Mar 8 @ $225.00

Presentation, Feb 22,  9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Critique of new student work, Mar 8,  10:00am – noon


Location – Lumiere Gallery

(includes healthy light lunch)


This is Kathryn’s original, in-depth and practical approach to the elusive principles of why a picture works.  How can one shot “sing,” while another, nearly identical, seems to miss the magic?


We’ll start by exploring how we see and process visual information from the moment we enter a scene, and build awareness to the many elements that create composition and how they can be combined for different types of visual meanings.


“Just wanted to say thanks to you again . . . I went out with my camera almost everyday last week, and I really look thru my camera differently . . . I’ve even managed a couple of shots I can say with conviction — WORK!”

– Stephanie Smith, 2012


Kathryn Kolb’s unique photographic vision of landscape and landscape detail, from realistic vistas to nearly pure abstract designs, is built on layers of composition that combine to shape the viewer’s overall experience of an image. In articulating her own vision,  Kathryn has developed a series of principles and language that explain how composition works and how to recognize and enhance design elements in your own work in addition to other photographs, paintings and any 2-dimensional artworks.


Kathryn shows how visual elements often go unnoticed by many of us at a conscious level, yet they form structures that have powerful resonance, that shape our responses and feelings about images. She uses a wide range of examples to illustrate how composition creates meaning, regardless of the subject, and how even the subtlest details can make or break image “reads.” Included are works by Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, Vivian Maier, Claude Monet, Ansel Adams, Elliot Porter, Vincent van Gogh, and a number of other pho­tog­ra­phers and painters in addition to Kathryn’s own work.


After studying the work of the 20th century’s perhaps most gifted photographer, Vivian Maier, participants will be treated to a private showing of newly released prints from the Vivian Maier Collection hosted by Lumiere Gallery, including many of the images we’ll study.


She also includes a discussion of the design elements that link natural forms and fine art, including the mathematical principles of “dynamic symmetry.” Open discussion and group critiques are designed to raise everyone’s awareness and share ways to understand how structure and composition works in photographs.


Topics covered include:


– 5 types of photographic reads

     – 4 layers of design

– how the mind creates meaning independent of subject

     – examples of how structure “works” and “doesn’t work”

– how small details can make big changes in image “reads”

     – why/how natural forms create compelling design

– math of “dynamic symmetry”


Photographers at any skill level are welcome in this workshop, which focuses on the art of seeing, not on equipment. Even collectors and just general appreciators of photography, painting and graphic design will enjoy this presentation.

Prep notes and directions will be sent to confirmed participants.


More Comments about

Composition Intensive


“Material was fresh and very well researched and presented.”

“This class took my composition to the next level . . . my photos are better already!”

“Composition was covered in a new way, not a re-shaping of what I already know.“

“Very helpful. Putting words to the underlying visual structure of a photograph is difficult, but Kathryn is doing what’s difficult in this workshop.”

“Kathryn’s excitement about the subject made it a memorable experience, and she included us in the conversation, did not lecture to us”

“Great speaker/storyteller brings a great message and new perspective to the eye . . .”

“I found my eyes were opened and art and math are very related.”

“ . . . clean, neat constructive criticism that encourages the artist in all.”

—  from Composition Intensive class evaluations 2012

above photograph: TN Dandelion 1 ©Kathryn Kolb
Composition: Un-Ordinary Class
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