Jan 24 2015   Composition & Dynamic Symmetry – Part I

with Kathryn Kolb — This comprehensive 3-part series covers several distinct approaches to seeing, how specific details of design create meaning, and further how aesthetic design in photography connects to the physical structure of nature and gets to the heart of the significance of Beauty — the place where art & science connect as one.

In Part I, we focus on the different approaches to seeing and how we look through & use the viewfinder — which is not as simple as it sounds.

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Composition & Dynamic Symmetry in Photography

with Kathryn Kolb


Part I:  Through the Viewfinder – 9:30 AM – noon


Clicking the shutter seems simple enough, but a great deal happens in our mind’s eye between the moment we encounter a scene to how we frame a shot “just so.”  We make many decisions, often subconsciously, that shape the final image, which in the end may or may not convey the meaning or feeling we wanted. This session thoroughly breaks down our capture process, because learning to see differently — more abstractly for instance — requires us to become aware of how we use our “capture eye.” Understanding how we do this helps us refine our visual message, so that what our eye sees and what our mind thinks are in beautiful synchronicity. PowerPoint presentation includes different types of images commonly derived from various approaches to seeing. Includes critique session of participants’ previous work related to the topics covered. Coffee and pastries provided.



Location: The Photographer’s Studio

75 Bennett Street, TULA Arts Center, Atlanta, GA 30309

Composition & Dynamic Symmetry
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