Feb 17 2014   Cobb Photographic Society Presentation

THE DESIGN OF MYTH – Robin Davis discusses the layers of meaning behind her images, all created in-camera, and not dependent on post-processing effects.


Robin will also relate how painting has influenced her work and photography as an art form, and will go back in time to consider the historical traditions linking painting and photography.

Presentation by Robin Davis

Monday, February 17

7 pm til 9 pm


Cobb Photographic Society

American Business Center, Bldg 700, Suite 702
1395 South Marietta Parkway
Marietta, GA 30067



She will tell the tales and uncanny coincidences behind the making of her 13 Women series, and how her representations of character archetypes let us know that the timeless struggle and triumphs of myth still live within us and connect us all.



 In addition, she will share some of her in-camera techniques, and the importance of setting your intention and working within an idea-based series to create photography with meaning.


To view some of her work, please see her website – robindavis.com.

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