There is an awakening happening in photography today,
a shift into a new visual language that harnesses our inner intuition,
an instant recognition of truth in a strongly designed image, a place
where inner creativity meets technical intention. Our creative photography
workshops offer fun explorations into this personal quest for meaning,


The Third Eye Workshops feature stimulating, off-the-beaten path locations,
and go beyond the usual with new approaches to design, lighting, and learning
to see compelling visual stories everywhere. The Third Eye Workshops are uncompromising in quality, and details are planned carefully for the entire experience—even our meals feature slow foods and local favorites. At times guest artists, thematic models and experts may join us to help broaden our perception of special places.


We are committed to helping each photographer
see not only outside-the-box, but also to see from within—
for every photographer has a unique and
valuable vision to share.

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